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Helpful Aging Resources

The aging population is rapidly increasing thanks to improvements in health care and the early detection of diseases. With age, individuals also face a number of challenges and rewards. The opportunity to retire and spend more time traveling or with family is an option for many seniors. Others however struggle with chronic health conditions, poverty, and hunger. There are a number of laws, organizations, and resources that the aging population can access to improve quality of life.

Aging Population Demographics

  • Age Data of the United States: The latest data from the Census Bureau shows where the aging population lives, income levels, mobility, and employment facts.
  • Aging Stats: Compiled by the Federal Interagency Forum on Aging-Related Statistics, reports showcase the lives of older Americans. Key data sets covered include the size of the aging population and disbursement by county and state.
  • Center for Disease Control: Statistics review the health of older Americans, areas covered include health conditions faced, access to health insurance, and mortality rates.
  • Growing Older in America: The Health and Retirement Study: Published every two years, this University of Michigan study interviews over 20,000 aging adults. Data and figures track health status, insurance coverage, work status, age, sex, race, and living situations.
  • National Academy on an Aging Society: Downloadable reports from this nonpartisan group look at the demographics of aging. Data sheets on various medical conditions are also available.
  • The American Geriatrics Society: Gives demographics on life expectancy, top causes of death, education, and financial statistics for older adults.


  • Food Stamps and The Elderly: Information on the special rules existing for seniors using the food stamp program including how to apply for benefits, income limits, and deductions.
  • The Age Discrimination in Employment Act: Originating in 1967, this law was designed to protect job candidates and employees aged 40 and up.
  • The Employee Retirement Income Security Act: The original coverage of this law enacted in 1974 has been expanded throughout the years to offer better security in retirement and health income plans for seniors.
  • National Academy of Elderly Law Attorneys: Brochures discuss legal concerns of seniors including guardianship, Medicare, Medicaid, and creating a trust.
  • The Elder Law Journal: Articles and essays about elder law issues cover a range of issues from neglect, to Medicaid, and anti-aging.
  • Taxes and Seniors: Publications, tax forms, answers to common questions, and tax facts help seniors understand how to complete their tax returns and avoid tax scams.

Tips for Successful Aging

  • Healthy Aging: Tip sheets cover all aspects of aging including: surgery, vaccinations, medications, holidays, sex, travel, and memory.
  • Senior Health: Aging well means taking care of the body. Health videos from the National Institute of Health, address tips for eating, sleeping, exercising, and health concerns to live a better life.
  • National Association for Area Agencies on Aging: Guides explain to elderly individuals options for staying warm in the winter, preventing falls, and who to contact in the event of an emergency.
  • National Council on Aging: Retaining independence with age, is often the result of establishing healthy habits. Access these resources for help coping with chronic health conditions or understanding health care reforms. 
  • Safe Driving for Older Adults: Natural physical changes experienced with age can impact driving abilities. This questionnaire explores these issues and gives tips for dealing with them.
  • Eating Well as We Age: Not being able to cook, problems chewing, and an upset stomach can prevent seniors from getting the proper nutrition. This illustrated guide offers solutions for eating better.


  • Demography of Aging: A book written by experts in the field explores the health, well being, care for the elderly, family availability and other aspects of aging. Data sources on aging numbers around the world are included.
  • Global Aging Newsletter: All around the world people are experiencing longer lives. This newsletter looks at the concerns, issues, and access to equal rights faced by those aging in the United States, France, Canada, Africa, China, and all areas of the world.
  • National Institute on Aging: Publications targeted towards the aging population and their caregivers discuss medications, conditions affecting the elderly, and safety, retirement.  
  • The Gerenotological Society of America: A number of publications related to gerontology news are accessible online including Gerontology News.
  • The National Research Center for Native American Aging: Facts, peer reviewed materials, and newsletters from the Center of Rural Health at the University of North Dakota address the issues faced by aging Native Americans. 
  • The Vintage Magazine: A senior citizen magazine available free by subscription. Online articles on senior health, caregiving, planning, and other issues can be viewed.

Organizations and Associations

  • Aging With Dignity: A national nonprofit helping senior's age and live lives on their own terms.
  • Alliance for Retired Americans: Protecting and advocating for the rights of senior citizens. Share your stories, access health fact sheets, and learn how to get more involved in senior rights issues.
  • Eldercare Locator: A nationwide service designed to help elder Americans, families, and caregivers access trustworthy local resources for help. 
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Aging Issues Network (LAIN): LAIN works to address the concerns of this senior minority group and eliminate barriers to housing and healthcare.

Other Resources

  • American Foundation for the Blind Senior Site: Rates of vision loss are continually rising. This site discusses caregiver help, assistance living products, and other methods that aging individuals can use to continue living independently.
  • Road Scholar: A not-for-profit educational travel program provides opportunities for travel around the world for older Americans and Canadians.
  • For Seniors: The Food and Drug Administration has provided news for seniors on cancer treatments, diabetes, medications, and health related frauds.
  • Eldercare Help: By putting in place a hospice and home care place in plan in advance of end of life, seniors can improve the effectiveness of such programs and extend health.
  • Housing and Older Development Senior Help: Housing opportunities and financial assistance information for seniors address the topics of reversed mortgages, rural home loans, public housing, and assisted living.
  • Medicare Eligibility Tool: This health insurance program of the United States government is provided to adults upon turning 65. Use this eligibility tool to determine if you qualify for Medicare and which part.
  • Retirement and Social Security: A planner that helps those nearing retirement age understand Medicare, retirement options, and estimate benefit amounts.