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AmeriChoice Medicare Plans

AmeriChoice is one of the nation’s leading providers in Children’s Health Insurance Programs, Medicaid, and Medicare policies, serving over three million people throughout the United States. A subsidiary of the UnitedHealth Group, AmeriChoice provides public sector health care and powers various other state health plans. UnitedHealth Group has served millions of Americans since the 1970s, providing innovative coverage and also offering the first network health insurance policy for seniors. The relationship between AmeriChoice and UnitedHealth ensures high quality coverage and policies to its members. AmeriChoice serves members in 25 states and Washington, DC.  They also provide Management Service Organizations (MSO) in California and Georgia. In 2008, AmeriChoice acquired Unison Health (based in Delaware, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Washington, DC), expanding its coverage across the United States.  

AmeriChoice values its connections with the communities we serve. To enhance the relationships between its programs and its members, they hire a wide variety of employees spanning many social and work backgrounds. One of the foundations of their program is the direct relationship between their staff and their beneficiaries. They have built a strong network of support that helps improve their members’ health care and functionality in today’s fast-moving diverse world. By working within the community, AmeriChoice has increased and improved its communication with members, breaking down language and cultural barriers. As a result, members receive the best possible health care from their services.

Yet another standout feature of their programs is the use of technology to improve their healthcare. Their innovative technology guarantees that their members receive the high quality health care they need. They even created their own software that supervises their members’ health care services. Because of such technology, AmeriChoice can provide the best possible care for its members.

Finally, the emphasis on preventative health has improved health care quality for AmeriChoice members. They promote routine screenings, tests, and appointments to their members. By providing the best preventative care, AmeriChoice has established itself as a provider of high quality health insurance coverage. By establishing a direct connection with the communities in which they serve, AmeriChoice has strengthened the quality of health insurance for its members. Building relationships with thier members across the diverse communities they serve has benefitted their plan quality for both their members and the company itself, especially as they focus on public-sector health care.