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AvMed Medicare Plans

Based out of Florida, AvMed Health Plans has been servicing for more than 35 years. Today it services a membership of over 270,000. AvMed has been contracted with the government to provide Medicare coverage since 1982.

The plan has formed a network of doctors, specialists, and hospitals which only allows you to use those in the network. Covering both Part B and Part D prescription drugs, the Medicare Preferred HMO uses a formulary which is a list of drugs covered by your plan to meet your needs.

Some outpatient prescription drugs may be covered with medicare Part B. These drugs include: some antigens, osteoporosis drugs, erythropoietin, hemophilia clotting factors, injectable drugs, immunosuppressive drugs, some oral cancer drugs, oral anti-nausea drugs, and inhalation and infusion drugs.

You can join the AvMed Medicare Advantage Plan if you are entitled in Medicare Part B and live in the provider's service area. However, if you have End Stage Renal Disease you will generally not be enrolled.