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When did Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association begin?

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association began in 1929 when Justin Ford Kimball secured a hospital care plan for teachers at Baylor University for $6 a year. Eventually the plan was extended to other employees and began to spread nationally. Since then, Blue Cross and Blue Shield has developed into a trusted nationwide health insurance provider.

What do they provide?

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association currently provides health insurance and Medicare coverage to about 98 million Americans. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association has developed into a trusted company that offers Supplemental Medicare Plans to seniors across the US. Nearly 9 million senior citizens taking advantage of Medicare advantage plans across the country and 1.3 million of them receive their coverage from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

How have they improved the healthcare industry?

In 1985, Blue Cross and Blue Shield led a surge to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the healthcare industry. The Technology Evaluation Center was developed to provide assistance to healthcare decision makers. The program was designed to improve decisions made in healthcare by professionals and users. To assist in this matter, the Technology Evaluation Center conducts an objective and scientifically meticulous assessment of different aspects of the healthcare system, including, but not limited to diagnoses, treatments, health management, and the prevention of disease.

Who do they provide coverage for?

The BlueCross BlueShield Medicare program provides healthcare coverage for seniors over the age of 65 and many disabled individuals. Since the program was implemented in 1966, the number of Medicare beneficiaries has increased from 19 million to 40 million. By 2030, Medicare is projected to cover 77 million people. Despite such growth, the Medicare benefit package has changed very little.