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CareMore Medicare Plans

CareMore has been caring for seniors as a Medical Group for more than 15 years. Formerly known as California Health Plan, Inc, they changed their name to CareMore in 2006. CareMore is based in of Cerritos, CA and offers plans to members in California, Arizona, and Nevada. They are based out of Cerritos, CA. They were also awarded the Senior Choice Gold Award for Excellence in 2010 Medicare Plan Benefits for the counties of Pima, AZ; Clark, NV; Santa Clara and Stanislaus, CA.

CareMore offers a variety of specialized plans to seniors. Some of these can vary by area, so please contact our trained Medicare Specialists to speak to someone about which plan best fits your needs.

One plan worth considering for seniors in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Orange counties is the CareMore Value Plus package.  Seniors who are eligible for Medicare also qualify for the Value Plus package. The CareMore Value Plus plan provides seniors with the best health care possible in their network of physicians.  The Value Plus plan covers formulary prescription drugs, hearing services, and some vision services with a $0 monthly premium in addition to the Medicare Part B premium.

If you live in Los Angeles, Orange, or San Bernardino counties, CareMore StartSmart may be a good choice for your budget. The StartSmart plan offers great benefits, including Part B and D prescription medication, at a low cost. You will have a $0 monthly plan premium in addition to your Part B monthly premium.  In LA and Orange counties, StartSmart will cut your Part B monthly premium by $75, and will cut your Part B premium by $25 if you live in San Bernardino county.

CareMore Reliance and CareMore Diabetes are tailored to the needs of people living with diabetes and other chronic illnesses. Like other CareSmart Plans, Reliance and Diabetes offer prescription drug coverage and insurance at our network of physicians and hospitals. You will have a $0 monthly premium together with your Part B premium payments.  Diabetes self-monitoring training and supplies, nutritional training, and wound care are several additional benefits provided by CareMore Reliance and CareMore Diabetes.

Three other CareMore special needs plans include Breathe (for individuals with chronic lung disorders), ESRD (for seniors with end stage renal disease and requiring dialysis), and Heart (for people with chronic heart failure or other cardiovascular conditions).  These three programs are tailored to the special needs of people with lung, heart, and renal disorders.

Seniors with limited income can also find a CareMore plan that is appropriate to their needs. CareMore Connect is a plan that allows low-income, Medicare-qualified seniors to enjoy the benefits of health insurance while offering them additional benefits not provided by traditional Medicare.

Yet another specialized CareMore plan is CareMore Touch, which is designed for Medicare-qualified individuals who live in a nursing home or facility which requires the same skilled nursing care provided by a nursing home. CareMore Touch is a comprehensive care system offering extraordinary benefits service and care designed to enhance the overall health and well being of nursing home residents.

All CareMore plans require you to select physicians, hospitals, and specialists within the CareMore network, and also provide prescription drug coverage within the CareMore formulary.

CareMore offers a wide variety of Medicare plans.  Specialists at Medicare Solutions can help you to find the plan most suitable to your needs.  You can reach trained Medicare Solutions specialists at 1-800-328-7305.