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CommunityCare Medicare Plans

CommunityCare is a Tulsa, Oklahoma based company that was formed through a partnership between Saint Francis Hospital and St John Medical Center, who jointly own the company. CommunityCare is the only Oklahoma based-company to offer an HMO, PPO, Medicare HMO and Medicare Supplemental Plans. This allows them to meet the wide variety of needs that their members have. CommunityCare also works to provide their employees with a rewarding environment with opportunities for job growth.

CommunityCare also offers CommunityCare65 plans. This supplemental insurance was designed to pick up where standard Medicare coverage leaves off. There are three affordable Senior Healthcare Supplements that will assist with the expenses Medicare doesn't cover.

Plan A covers Medicare Part A hospital services. This includes hospitalization, skilled nursing facility care, blood coverage, and hospice care. Plan A also covers Medicare Part B medical services. This includes medical expenses such as hospital and outpatient treatment, physical and speech therapy, diagnostic tests, and durable medical equipment. This also includes blood and clinical laboratory services. This plan also covers approved home health care Medicare services. Preventative medical care benefits are not covered by Medicare, but are covered under this plan including some annual physical and preventative tests and services such as hearing screening, diabetes screening, thyroid function test, tetanus and diphtheria booster and other benefits. Plan A has the lowest monthly premiums of the three plans, but also offers the most limited coverage.

Plan C covers everything covered in Plan A. This plan exceeds Plan A coverage in that it also includes Foreign Travel coverage.

Plan F is very similar to plan C. It also includes Foreign Travel coverage. Plan F has the highest monthly premiums of the three plans.

More information can be found about Medicare Supplements on our Medicare Supplement page.

CommunityCare has also partnered with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma to offer a joint Medicare Blue PPO plan. A Medicare Advantage Plan like this can take the place of a traditional Medicare Part A, Part B, and supplement plan.  Medicare Blue PPO features a preferred provider organization (PPO) network including hospitals, doctors and other health care providers in the 21-county service area. The plan is underwritten by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma. Most of the plans administrative services, such as customer service, claims, and medical management, are taken care of by CommunityCare.