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HealthSpring Medicare Plans

What is HealthSpring and what do they provide?

HealthSpring is a managed care organization whose focus is on providing affordable healthcare coverage to people on Medicare. They are currently among the biggest Medicare Advantage health providers in the United States. They focus on providing supplemental Medicare plans, and currently cover 180,000 members throughout Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas. HealthSpring also administers Medicare prescription drug coverage nationwide that currently has more than 290,000 members. HealthSpring is based in Nashville, Tennessee.

What about the traditional Medicare benefits and are they any additional with a HealthSpring plan?

With a HealthSpring plan, all traditional Medicare benefits are offered as well as extra benefits that aren’t typically available on Medicare. Many people who enroll with HealthSpring enjoy lower, more predictable costs. The plans are designed for both those on Medicare and Medicare/Medicaid beneficiaries. HealthSpring markets these plans to individuals who voluntarily enroll to gain access to the additional benefits over what is provided by Medicare. The additional benefits include things like Medicare Part D prescription benefits, transportation, dental, vision, hearing, and wellness and fitness programs.

Healthspring's Goal

HealthSpring’s goal is to help their members to live healthier lives. They believe their focus on Medicare allows them to better understand the needs of their beneficiaries, which helps HealthSpring to make plans that suit different health areas. HealthSpring works closely with primary care doctors to coordinate the care of its members. They believe this leads to better care for the members and an improved medial management for HealthSpring. They believe that encouraging the physician to aim for quality over quantity and to concentrate on preventative health measures creates healthier clients with fewer medical problems and costs.