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TexanPlus Medicare Insurance

TexanPlus Medicare Insurance Plans

TexanPlus Medicare Insurance is the type of Medicare plan associated with Universal American, a health care provider that offers coverage to individuals and families within Texas, New York, and Maine. Universal American strongly believes that physicians are in the best place to create improvements in the cost and quality of health care; as such, the organization facilitates a health collaboration between patients and providers to ensure a positive outcome for all.

TexanPlus Medicare Solutions

Through Universal American, beneficiaries may choose a TexanPlus Medicare Insurance plan to meet their health care needs. TexanPlus Medicare plans are meant to help complement existing Medicare plans or even replace them entirely. Medicare recipients may also choose Medicare plans that help cover the costs of prescription drugs.

TexanPlus Medigap Plans

To help Medicare beneficiaries cover the costs associated with Original Medicare, Universal American offers Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) Plans, which complement coverage provided under Medicare Part A and Part B. Specifically, these plans are meant to help pay for deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments associated with visits to the doctor and to the hospital, surgeries, lab tests, and more.

TexanPlus Medicare Advantage Plans

Of course, Universal American also offers Medicare Advantage Plans, specifically those marketed as TexanPlus Medicare plans. These plans are Health Maintenance Organization and Point-of-Service Plans, and they offer all of the same benefits provided under Original Medicare plus more. TexanPlus plans are only available to Medicare beneficiaries in Texas and even include costs to take trips to a local fitness center.

TexanPlus Prescription Drug Benefit Plans

Finally, Universal American does offer prescription drug benefits with certain plans as well so Medicare beneficiaries have access to the health care treatment they truly need.

Find a TexanPlus Medicare Plan for You

If you are searching for the right TexanPlus Medicare Insurance plans for you, don't hesitate to use the online tools available through Medicare Solutions, which allow you to compare plans and examine benefits so you can find the right insurance coverage for your individual situation.

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