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South Carolina Medicare Insurance Plans

All residents of South Carolina who are over the age of 65 or who have qualifying ailments or disabilities are eligible to receive low-cost or free insurance coverage through the government. Specifically, these individuals may obtain such benefits through the Medicare program, a federally sponsored insurance system. Additionally, while the federal government administers Medicare, the government of South Carolina offers assistance, both informational and financial, to certain eligible beneficiaries. If you have questions about Medicare in South Carolina, use the following information as a guide and contact a professional at Medicare Solutions for help.

Mini- COBRA in South Carolina

Regarding insurance, South Carolina law provides that employees who are terminated from their employment may continue to purchase insurance under the employer's coverage for a period of six months. Certain employers may fall under the purview of federal COBRA law, which mandates an extended 18-month continuing coverage period instead.

South Carolina Medicare Savings Programs

Once an individual obtains Medicare coverage through the federal government, he or she is responsible for paying all related costs for premiums, copayments, and more. In some case, however, an individual or couple may qualify for one of the four Medicare Savings Programs In South Carolina that provide financial assistance from the state.

  • Individuals or couples monthly earning less than $1,001 or $1,348, respectively, may qualify for the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary program to receive assistance with costs for premiums, copayments, and deductibles.
  • Individuals or couples earning less than $1,197 or $1,613 per month, respectively, may qualify for the Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary program. This helps with the costs of Medicare Part B premiums.
  • Individuals or couples earning less than $1,345 or $1,814 a month, respectively, may qualify for the Qualifying Individual program, which helps with Medicare Part B premiums.
  • Individuals or couples monthly earning less than $4,009 or $5,395, respectively, may qualify for the Qualified Disabled and Working Individual program. This covers the costs of Medicare Part A, although restrictions may apply.

Extra Help is also available for Medicare beneficiaries who need assistance paying for prescription drugs. Qualifying beneficiaries may receive up to $4,000, although this number may depend on the circumstances.

Supplemental Insurance

Oftentimes Medicare beneficiaries enjoy their low-cost or free coverage yet find that it lacks certain other benefits that they need for medical treatment. Here, these individuals in South Carolina may purchase Medicare Supplement Insurance, or Medigap plans, from a private insurer within the state. Medigap policies work in conjunction with Original Medicare

Extra Assistance From the State of South Carolina

Of course, the process of obtaining or applying for Medicare can be confusing. As such, the state of South Carolina has created the Office on Aging, a state health insurance assistance program dedicated to helping people through the Medicare system. Counselors associated with this program are available to answer questions and provide guidance in the state. And if you find yourself needing extra assistance, please reach out to the professionals at Medicare Solutions we can compare South Carolina medicare insurance plans for you. We are prepared to help you navigate the system and find the right plans for you.