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Sterling Medicare Plans

Sterling Life Insurance Company has been around since 1958. In 1999, Sterling and Olympic Health Management Systems, Inc. joined together to develop products to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding older American market. Sterling was the first to offer Medicare Advantage Private Fee for Service Plans. Sterling is currently licensed in all 50 states as well as Washington, D.C.

Sterling Life Insurance provides a wide variety of flexible plans designed to fit the needs of Medicare beneficiaries. They offer members the freedom to move from one health plan to another based on their changing needs. They believe everyone should have choice and mobility.

Available Sterling Plans:

  • Standard Supplement Plans
    • -Sterling Medicare Select
    • -Sterling Premier
  • Medicare Advantage PFFS Plans
    • -Sterling Option I
    • -Sterling Option II
    • -Sterling Option III
    • -Sterling Option IV
    • -Sterling Partners® - Montana
  • Sterling Rx
  • Sterling Rx Plus

Sterling Medicare Select is one of the more popular plans with Sterling. It is designed as a Medigap supplemental insurance plan. Sterling Medicare Select extends low monthly premiums to beneficiaries as long as the policyholders commit to using Network Facilities for health care, hospital, and ASC services. There are exclusions to the limitations when emergency care is needed outside of our service network or if a required service is not offered by one of our network providers. Policyholders may choose their physician, but when must seek a referral for any other necessary inpatient or outpatient specialist care.

Sterling Premier is also a Medicare supplemental insurance plan and is intended for those that need additional coverage, but wish to maintain control in their healthcare decisions. Customers are not restricted in their choice of physician or hospital.

Sterling Option 1 was the first Medicare Advantage Private Fee for Service plan. A PFFS plan is one in which Medicare pays a set amount of money to the insurer each month in exchange for health care services. It is designed for those looking for flexibility and choice. This plan allows you to pick any doctor or hospital, as long as they agree to the terms and conditions of the plan. You can also see a specialist without a referral. This plan is accepted nationally and is offered in over 30 states.

Sterling Option II is a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Private Fee for Service plan. It offers benefits similar to Sterling Option I but also offers prescription drug coverage. This plan is great for those looking for health and drug coverage at an attractive price.

Sterling Options III and IV are their newest plans. They have out of pocket limits to help protect customers in case of disastrous medical costs as well as an allowance for non-Medicare covered benefits. Option IV also offers Medicare prescription drug coverage.

Sterling Partners –Montana is an option available in selected counties in Montana. It offers medicare advantage prescription drug and offers dental, hearing, and vision to the Part D prescription drug coverage.

Sterling also offers stand-alone Medicare prescription drug coverage with their Sterling Rx plan. This four tiered plan is accepted at more than 50,000 pharmacies nationwide. Another stand-alone option is the Sterling Rx Plus plan. It provides all of the benefits of the standard Rx plan plus no co-pay, no deductible and coverage through the "gap" when generic drugs are used. This is an affordable option that helps take away some of the out-of-pocket expenses that customers experience.