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UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions

What do UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions Provide?

UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions provides high-quality health care and products to tens of millions Americans. For the past 20 years, UnitedHealthcare has led the nation in Medicare services by providing one fifth of Medicare beneficiaries with coverage ranging from Part D prescription drug plans to Medicare Advantage plans to Medicare Supplemental Insurance policies.

What else do they offer?

UnitedHealthcare also offers SecureHorizons Advantage plans, which provide all Part A and B benefits as well as additional services like prescription drug plans. your location determines your eligibility for the Advantage HMO, PPO, POS, and PFFS policies.

What are Medicare Complete series of plans?

The MedicareComplete series of plans are health maintenance organization (HMO) policies. Once you enroll in one of our HMO plans, you will gain access to our network of physicians, hospitals, and specialists

Do they offer Medicare Complete Choice?

Yet another option provided by UnitedHealthcare is the Medicare Complete Choice series, which are all preferred provider organization policies. In a PPO, you will gain entry to the local provider network, but you have the freedom to seek care out of our network. Additionally, you will not need a referral to visit a specialist.

What about SecureHorizons Direct policies?

UnitedHealthcare also boasts the SecureHorizons Medicare Direct series of policies, which operate as private fee for service plans. In a PFFS plan, you have the flexibility to visit any Medicare accepted physician, specialist, or hospital as long as they accept our terms of payment without referrals.

What if you suffer from a chronic condition?

If you suffer from a chronic condition, you can seek coverage through our Medicare Advantage Special Needs plans. You are also eligible if you are a dual eligible or live in an institution.

Does UnitedHealthcare provide supplemental insurance plans?

UnitedHealthcare provides a wide variety of Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans. UnitedHealthcare is the largest Medicare Supplemental Insurance provider in the United States, and provides coverage to almost 4 million beneficiaries. Supplemental insurance plans give you the flexibility to select your own physicians and specialists without referrals. You will also have nationwide health care coverage.

What about prescription drug plans?

UnitedHealthcare also offers Part D prescription drug plans throughout the United States and its territories. Over 5.5 million individuals have taken advantage of these plans to add medication coverage to their traditional Medicare and Medigap plans.