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Viva Health Medicare Plans

Viva Health offers various Medicare options in a number of counties throughout the state of Alabama. Being the states only 4-star member quality rated plan, VIVA offers options with low or no copays.

The 2010 VIVA Medicare Plus Rx Gold plan offers both a Medicare supplement plans and a Prescription drug plan all in one package. The plan includes $0 in copays (Including Inpatient, SNF, PCP, Specialist, Lab and X-rays, and Outpatient Surgery copays). There is also no charge for ambulance services, ER visits, diagnostic procedure, radiology, and radiation therapy. With the VIVA Medicare Plus Rx Gold plan you will have prescription drug coverage along with $0 Part D deductible.

The VIVA Medicare PLUS Rx Healthy Lifestyles prescription benefit has 4 coverage steps. The first step is the $265 deductible.  Members will pay for the first $265 of medication expenses during the year.

Step two involves separate copayments or coinsurance for the four drug tiers, all 31- day supplies. For any first tier generic medications you will pay $5 copayment.  Second tier, or preferred brand name, drugs have $18 copay. If your prescription falls into the third tier, you are responsible for $43 on the non-preferred drugs. Finally,  if your prescription is for a group of certain specialty drugs, you will pay 25% of the cost of the medication.

Step three of the Health Lifestyles coverage is the coverage gap. Once your total prescription expenses hit the $2,400 mark, you are responsible for paying the complete costs of covered prescriptions until your yearly out-of-pocket expenses reach $3,850.

The final step to our prescription drug benefit is the catastrophic coverage.  After you have spent more than $3,850 for your prescriptions in one year, you will only pay a copayment (for generics and certain preferred brands, there is $2.15 copay and $5.35 copay for any other prescription) or 5% coinsurance, whichever is greater, for the remainder of the year.