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Why you need Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Original Medicare Part A and Part B offer great benefits for many eligible Americans. With original Medicare, beneficiaries could have up to 80% of the their hospital and doctor visit copays covered leaving them to pay only 20% of the normal cost. This is undoubtedly a large discount, and for many Americans it alleviates much of the financial burden associated with medical treatment. In some cases, however, it still isn't enough. In a bad scenario, a hospital bill could shoot up in to the thousands or even tens of thousands. Even after accounting for the discount from Medicare, the remaining 20% could still be extremely expensive and difficult to pay. This is where Medicare Supplemental Insurance comes in.

A Medicare Supplement Insurance plan does not offer increased benefits for enrollees. What it does do, however, is eliminate copays for your existing Medicare coverage. That means if you have Medicare Supplemental Insurance, you won't spend a dime on copays resulting from any treatment covered by original Medicare. This does come at a small cost. Medicare Supplement Plans require a monthly premium, but in many cases this monthly premium is significantly less expensive than the 20% copay that you would normally be responsible for.

If you've ever had to deal with a particularly costly copay, Medicare Supplemental Insurance might be a smart choice for you and your healthcare coverage. Give our expert Medicare specialists a call and see if a Supplement Plan makes sense for you. Or if you're ready to see your options, enter your zip code in our free quoting tool to see Supplement Plan in your area.