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About the Medicare Solutions Team

Medicare Solutions was created and designed to easily explain and spread information on Medicare. Often, people who are eligible for Medicare do not fully understand their options and the amount of coverage they could receive by switching to a government regulated Medicare plan. has made it their mission to help individuals across the country understand the complexities of Medicare.

At, all of our knowledgeable representatives are happy to provide you with Medicare Information and options when exploring Supplemental Medicare Plans. Supplemental Medicare plans can seem complicated and intricate without professional assistance but it is critical to know whether your current plan is comprehensiveness or constricted. A expert will assist you through every phase of the process to ensure that you and your family are content with your medical coverage.

Meet The Representative Team

  • Joanne Flaherty has built a long career in the health insurance industry. She has gained 18 years of experience while working with great insurance companies like Anthem Blue Cross. Joanne has a professional and an unbiased knowledge in all different brands and companies. In fact, Joanne declared I have discovered that working for an insurance agency is much more rewarding than representing just one insurance carrier. Health Plan One has given me the opportunity to open up more doors and possibilities for my clients.
  • Stephanie Carl has established a lengthy career for herself in the health insurance industry. She has been exclusively selling Medicare plans for the past six years, honing her abilities through extensive Medicare training and developing a strong rapport with her clients. Stephanie loves working with seniors, and truly enjoys interacting with her clients over the phone. What sets Stephanie apart from her peers is her patience, as she loves listening to her clients, answering their questions, and educating them on the all Medicare plans. As Stephanie says, "No call is ever the same twice."
  • Thea Luzuriaga has gained a strong familiarity of Medicare and Health Insurance through her work and involvement in the Medicare field for the past three years. Her previous employment as a sales representative for Health Net thoroughly developed her expertise in the Medicare field. Thea has admirable qualities of patience and approach ability, which make her an esteemed representative. In her time working with Medicare Solutions, she continues to inspire other team members to surpass their reputable service to clients each day.